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Installation Intructions for Manhole Covers

Congratulations! on purchase of Everlast FRP manhole Covers, Gratings and frames. In order to get the best results from using this superior product kindly ensure that you strictly follow the below instructions/procedures /precautions.

Size selection

   • Size mentioned on the cover/technical sheet/price list is clear opening size.

   • Clear opening of the frame should not be smaller than the bore of the chamber on all sides/edges.

   • Shape of the clear opening should be same as shape of bore.

   • If possible, bore opening must be designed after consideration of standard clear opening sizes available.


Installation instructions

   • Prepare the concrete bed after considering the height of the frame.

   • The frame should be completely embedded in a minimum of M-20 Grade Concrete.

   • The level of the concrete bed must be flat so that entire frame is uniformly supported.

   • Frame should be leveled using a spirit leveler and confirming that the air bubble in leveler remains exactly

        at the centre   (Zero – Zero Level)

   • A frame should be allowed to set in concrete for a minimum time of 7 days before its use.


Precautions before / During Installation 

   • Standard covers are designed for installation on flat road / foot path surface; kindly ensure the same before


   • Ensure that the top level of the frame is aligned to the level of the road.

   • Ensure that the frame is completely resting in concrete on all sides/edges.

   • Ensure that the frame is allowed sufficient time for setting in concrete before usage.

   • Ensure that the frame or cover is not dropped / exposed to impact prior to and after installation.

   • Ensure that the cover is placed upright on the frame.


General Precautions when using EVERLAST FRP Covers and Gratings

   • Ensure that you use the right loading capacity cover and frame based on Vehicular / Pedestrian movement.

   • Do no drop / Throw the cover and / or frame while placing it on the floor.

   • Avoid Impact of sharp and/or heavy objects on the cover and frame.

   • Do not burn objects on or near the manhole cover, grating  and frame.

   • Use only Everlast FRP covers with appropriate everlast FRP frames. 

   • Use only the lifting key supplied with the FRP cover/grating to lift it.

   • Occasionally remove the cover from the frame and clean the rim of the frame of any dirt/dust/pebbles

   • Do not leave the frame open without placing a cover/grating.

 Note :

Not observing above instructions/precautions can result in irreparable damage to the cover and/or frame. frames and covers damaged due to faulty installation or negligence of above precautions will not be covered under limited warranty offered by everlast composites pvt. Ltd. Accepting or refuting warranty claims is at sole discretion of the company.



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