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FRP Pultruded Profile - Introduction

FRP, GRP, CFRP & Pultrusion Profile Manufacturers

Everlast  is most experienced and well known  manufacturer and supplier of FRP profiles, GRP profiles, and CFRP profiles in India. Everlast  is a reputed supplier among several leading manufacturers and distributors of FRP profiles, GRP profiles, and CFRP profiles as it makes a quality difference by offering premium profiles and GRP tubes in the market.

Product Information & Corresponding pictures

Everlast FRP Pultruded Sections include Angles, Channels, I-Beams, Wide flange beams, Round, Rectangular & Square Tubes, Round and Square Bars, Flat Sheets, Concrete embedment angles, etc.

Everlast FRP Pultruded Sections are manufactured using highest quality materials under stringent quality check and testing norms coupled with better service delivery. Large volumes can be delivered within short span of time thereby adhering to strict deadlines with the help of best in class infrastructure and quality & trained workforce.


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A. Under Slung Crane
Capacity : Up to 25 Ton
Span : Up to 20.0 Meter
Height of Lift : Up to 15.0 Meter

B. Semi Goliath (Gantry) Crane
Capacity : Up to 20 Ton
Span : Up to 15.0 Meter
Height of Lift : Up to 15.0 Meter

C. Traveling Jib Crane
Capacity : Up to 5 Ton
Length of Jib Arm : Up to 5.0 Meter
Height of Lift : Up to 10.0 Meter

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