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ABOUT EVERLAST COMPOSITES LLP - Best FRP Manhole Cover Manufacturer in India

Everlast Composites LLP is one of the India’s leading manufacturers of Fibre Reinforced Plastics (FRP) products like FRP manhole covers, FRP Manhole Cover,  FRP moulded gratings, FRP pultruded profiles, etc. Everlast Composites LLP was incorporated in the year 2009 in Mumbai with an objective of manufacturing and offering world class innovative FRP products to overcome challenges faced by traditional materials like steel, cast iron, cement concrete, etc.

FRP Manhole Covers by Everlast Composites

Before FRP came into existence, manhole covers were traditionally manufactured from concrete, steel fibre reinforced concrete, cast iron, ductile iron or PVC materials, but these materials had their own shortcomings like low load carrying efficiency. FRP is considered to be the best alternate material for manhole covers as it has longer life span and has the capability to withstand heavy loads. Increase in heavy traffic and expensive metals completely replaced traditional covers with FRP manhole covers.

FRP / GRP Manhole Cover Manufecturer in India

Everlast Composites LLP Manufacturers FRP / GRP Manhole Covers, Fibre Reinforced Plastic Products, Composite Manhole Covers, FRP Gratings, Gully Covers, GRP Manhole Cover, Rust free, Leight Weight, free from theft Manhole Covers.

FRP Moulded Gratings are manufactured with the top of line moulding technology to provide high strength, performance and quality. These gratings can be manufactured in single sheets of size 1.2mtrs X 4 mtrs that is unparalleled in the industry. There are several variants available in terms of resin grades, surface textures and thickness for use across a range of industries. Custom cut sizes can also be made available based on requirement. With our expertise and skilled workforce we can suffice large requirements in short span of time.




FRP Moulded Gratings by  Everlast Composites

Unlike other ordinary gratings available in market, our manufactured FRP Moulded Gratings are highly acclaimed at global level due to their high chemical and corrosion resistance feature. Owing to their excellent durability and long life span, these FRP gratings have completely revolutionized the entire industry where traditional wood, concrete or metallic products are deteriorating rapidly. There are 3 different types of resins namely Isothalic, Vinyl & Orthophthalic that are used for manufacturing varied types of gratings viz. Gratings with Concave surface, Grit Surface and Check Plate Cover.


FRP Pultruded Sections

Our manufactured FRP Pultruded Sections are indeed the most advanced types of sections with excellent corrosion resistivity, high strength and light weight features. All the traditional materials like steel, aluminum & wood that were used to manufacture these sections had their own disadvantages in the industry and eventually FRP Pultruded sections came into picture with virtually maintenance free services. These FRP pultruded sections are the most eco friendly sections available in market as these emit less greenhouse gases and consume less power in comparison to other sections. We have all the expertise to manufacture varied pultruded sections with different specifications to meet diverse industrial requirements.


Sewer Covers

Storm Water Drain Covers

Footpath Covers


Utility Trench Covers

Underground Tank Covers

Overhead Tank Covers






Free from theft easy to handle and no risk of due to light weight.

Does not rust due to chemical / sewage / rain water.

High service life as it does not corrode and has high impact resistance.

High on aesthetics. The covers are self pigmented and do not require periodical painting for maintenance.

The pigment are build in the material and UV stabilized. Hence there is no peeling / fading of the colours due to sunlight.
Resistant to extreme temperatures.

Conforming to IS 1726:1991 & EN-124 loading standards

Zero scrap Value

Weather Proof

Heavy Duty

Light in Weight

Hight life span

High abrasive Resistance

High Resistance to Sewage Gases

Decorative with Granite Finish

Logo Embossing Option availabl

Temperature range -40 to 80 Deg celcius



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A. Under Slung Crane
Capacity : Up to 25 Ton
Span : Up to 20.0 Meter
Height of Lift : Up to 15.0 Meter

B. Semi Goliath (Gantry) Crane
Capacity : Up to 20 Ton
Span : Up to 15.0 Meter
Height of Lift : Up to 15.0 Meter

C. Traveling Jib Crane
Capacity : Up to 5 Ton
Length of Jib Arm : Up to 5.0 Meter
Height of Lift : Up to 10.0 Meter

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